Daniel Infante Vargas



I have been building software for the web since 2005. I am passionate about building useful, usable products that empower people through the use of technology. I write code that looks as good as it performs. I have been working at startups for the last two years, building innovative products and trying to get them off the ground quickly following lean methodologies.



Software Engineer

Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia.

  • I achieved the second best score in the country in a national test (ECAES) taken by every student about to graduate.
  • My graduation project in agile development methodologies was graded with the highest score.
  • Main subjects included object-oriented programming, software engineering, data structures, algorithms, and databases.



CTO and Co-founder at Emma

Bogotá, Colombia. http://holaemma.co

Emma is an iOS app that offers a completely different way to look for a home. I built an iOS app used by thousand of users, as well as the Ruby API backend.


CTO and Co-founder at Mobii

Bogotá, Colombia/Santiago, Chile. http://mobii.co

I was CTO at a startup that aimed to transform the way people interact with real estate agents in their search for a home. I was responsible for back end development, which involved building an API (Ruby on Rails) and single-page web application (Backbone), as well as integrating with multiple partners via web services.


CTO and Co-founder at AgentPanda

Bogotá, Colombia. http://agentpanda.co

Founded a web startup (Basecamp for travel planning) in which I was responsible for full-stack development and software architecture using modern, real-time web technologies (Ruby on Rails, Node.js) and agile development methods.


Co-founder at Lumbalú

Bogotá, Colombia. http://lumba.lu

Founded a web and mobile development company. Designed and built various web (back end and front end) and mobile apps (hybrid and native).


Freelance Developer

Bogotá, Colombia/London, England.

Developed multiple projects, mostly web applications, with teams both locally and distributed around the world.


Back end

Ruby (on Rails), Node.JS, Python, PHP, Java.

Front end

Javascript, jQuery, React, Backbone.js, CSS, SASS, HTML5, bower.


iOS development, Objective-C, Phonegap (Cordova).


SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis.

Version Control

GIT, Subversion.


AWS, Heroku, Linux, Bash script, Capistrano, Monit.


Building and consuming REST and SOAP APIs.



IELTS score 8/9– “very good user”.


Native speaker.